QuickPayPortal was developed and is run by Athena Health, Inc., an American company known for providing network-enabled healthcare services and point-of-care mobile apps in the health care industry. It was founded in 1997 in San Diego by Jonathan Bush and Todd Park and was known as Athena Women’s Health. It operates in the United States.


A publicly traded firm in America, it belongs to the list of publicly traded companies. By using software technology, Athena Health Inc. mainly provides network-enabled services for healthcare and apps to manage clinical and financial outcomes. 

The Athena Health Inc. product line comprises Athena Collector (Revenue Cycle Management and Medical Billing), Athena Clinical (Electronic Health Records), Athena Communicator (Patient Engagement, Care Coordination), Epocrates (Similar to EHR), and Athena Health Population Health (Population Health Management). All of these products and services are delivered via software technology.

Athena Health has worked hard to create the QuickPayPortal, which has resulted in an expansion of the services offered by www.quickpayportal.com. Users may now read bill statements, pay bills online using credit cards or e-checks, access health records, manage health records, make appointments with doctors, and get test results online, among other things.


The QuickPayPortal system has features that help guarantee patients receive the best possible care and ensure they receive the best possible care. The system includes a patient rating system, which allows doctors and nurses to readily view the patient’s medical history as well as their interactions with other members of the practice.

A charting program allows you to examine and print patient information quickly. A patient report system will enable doctors to keep track of patient referrals and provide real-time feedback on patient treatment. The official portal is built with safety and security in mind. The system employs encryption technology to maintain anonymity while safeguarding sensitive data.